Hey interweebzzzz o/ Bagan here and this time we are releasing on of the most favorite series of yours. But this one is special, with this chapter it marks the 100th chapter of PP and I want to give a big thank to everyone that works on this project.

Also, PP is now on sell in an ebook and as a physical book, and its good to give back our love to the author and buy their stuff when they are out in your region. You can find more info here.

Now for our rant of the day, I recently start watching Bon Appetit, a Youtube channel that is form around cooking. I have watched a few of their episodes and I can say for sure, that they gave me so much laugh the past few days. I have come across a few of their “Make it Perfect” episodes as of right now, and each and everyone is a really unique individual. If you are a fan of cooking shows, you can watch their channel here.

Furthermore, I would like to properly thank Holo from Mangadex and the staff, for letting us use their hosting network for so long and wish them luck.

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Well, that was for our rant this time, see you all next time o/

You can read the chapter Here.