Hello interweebzzz Bagan here o/

Today we are going to send your way another chapter of “Hentai”, I had so much fun working on this chapter even if it took us a bit longer. I mean the SFXs are looking really good, my an Velosiped worked really hard to give you guys the best possible visual on how it would feel in the page and IRL if something like that would ever happen. I mean it’s not that hard to find think of this manga as the start in something good lol

Also, give a round of applause to Velosiped for their excellent work on redrawing this chapter. Y’all may thinking that its easy to redraw manga from time to time but to do a perfect job like this is really hard and needs mad skills to achieve that.

That was it for this release, see you next time \o

You can read the chapter here