Hello interweebzzzz o/ Bagan here and for once more we are going to give your beautiful eyes another chapter of “HENTAI”.

Its time for your rant that no one wants or care to read \o/

Well, I have never said it before but I have carpal tunnel (tendinitis) in both of my wrists and lately its start to killing me more and more with the time. I thinking I have over done it with scanlating, and I’m not sure how long I would be able to keep up the same speed. I love scanlating and giving back to the community but its getting really hard for me to move or do some basic stuff in my every day life.

The other day I was trying to wash my dishes and my wrist start hurting, the problem is that I came to an understanding that I’m no longer able to work alone and put out the same amount of stuff I used to do when I first started. I wont denied that over the past year or so we had the pleasure to expanded the group and add more staff members that have the same love as we do for scanlation. Though I can’t always ask of them to work on ten different series for long, and what I feel like its appropriate to ask of them to work on different project. But for now everyone is happy to help and work on anything I’m asking them to and; I don’t thinking I would stop for a bit longer.

Well, that was it for this rant I just want to let you know of my state, and why sometimes releases are getting delayed or take longer then what I would like to be (not that we were ever fast and we will never be lmaoo).

You can read the chapter HERE