Hello interweebzzz bagan here o/

Yeah. Yeah, I know everyone wants PP and all that but I’m still waiting for Hyaka to send me the next script; though Hyaka is in a hectic situation this days and may take a few more days to send something.

Now to the rant:

Like I said in the last post I start watching “Peaky Blinders” again and I’m almost caught up with the latest season. I can say for certainty if you are a fun of dark canaries, you would love this show. From the screen writing to the production its just hit the spot for what I like to watch in my non scanlation hours. I would just say that and stop, JUST WATCH THE DAMN THING YOU WANT REGRET IT lol

We are still looking for more stuff to help us out with our project if you are interest, you can contact my on discord or find our mail in the recruitment page on the top of the site.

That was all for this release, see you all next time o/

You can read the chapter here