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Reset Man New Order Chapter 01

Hello interweebzzz bagan here o/ I have the pleasure to announce that we pick up another new series and this time is a joint between us and our good friends over at Peckham Scanlations. The story is about a company… Continue Reading →

Montage 112

Hello interweebzzz bagan here o/ Yeah. Yeah, I know everyone wants PP and all that but I’m still waiting for Hyaka to send me the next script; though Hyaka is in a hectic situation this days and may take a… Continue Reading →

Ningen Kyouki Katsuo! 51

Hello, interweebzzz bagan here o/ (again lol) I’m not sure how did it happen and we have another release of “Ningen Kyouki Katsuo!” so soon but its here and I hope everyone enjoy this chapter too. Oh, I start watching… Continue Reading →


Hello, interweebzzz bagan here o/ Another day another release, and this time I bring you “HENTAI” I’m still trying to work on other stuff too; but its kinda hard to find the time as of right now. Because everyone’s lives… Continue Reading →

Ningen Kyouki Katsuo! 50

Hello interweebzzzz bagan here o/ It’s a bit faster then the last time but we are coming with another chapter of NKK. Not much have change from last time, thus I don’t have anything else to rant about. Maybe next… Continue Reading →

Montage 111

Hello interweebzzzz bagan here o/ I manage to edit another chapter of Montage somehow lol I’m not sure when I would find the time to work on the next chapter yet. But I hope it would be tomorrow or latest… Continue Reading →


Hello interweebzzzz o/ Bagan here and for once more we are going to give your beautiful eyes another chapter of “HENTAI”. Its time for your rant that no one wants or care to read \o/ Well, I have never said… Continue Reading →


Hello interweebzzz Bagan here o/ Today we are going to send your way another chapter of “Hentai”, I had so much fun working on this chapter even if it took us a bit longer. I mean the SFXs are looking… Continue Reading →

Montage 109-110

Hello interweebzzz Bagan here o/, and this time we have a double release of “Montage”. The story started unfold nicely in this volume and I wont lie I can’t wait for the next chapter. Now for a small rant, I… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 100

Hey interweebzzzz o/ Bagan here and this time we are releasing on of the most favorite series of yours. But this one is special, with this chapter it marks the 100th chapter of PP and I want to give a… Continue Reading →

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