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Montage 112

Hello interweebzzz bagan here o/ Yeah. Yeah, I know everyone wants PP and all that but I’m still waiting for Hyaka to send me the next script; though Hyaka is in a hectic situation this days and may take a… Continue Reading →

Montage 111

Hello interweebzzzz bagan here o/ I manage to edit another chapter of Montage somehow lol I’m not sure when I would find the time to work on the next chapter yet. But I hope it would be tomorrow or latest… Continue Reading →

Montage 109-110

Hello interweebzzz Bagan here o/, and this time we have a double release of “Montage”. The story started unfold nicely in this volume and I wont lie I can’t wait for the next chapter. Now for a small rant, I… Continue Reading →

Montage 101-108

Hey interweebzzz o/ Bagan here, and this time we are coming with another release of “Montage” and this time we are release a whole volume, yes I am not kidding you we can do this from time to time and… Continue Reading →

Montage 98

Hey, internet Bagan here and we have another chapter of “Montage” for y’all and the last chapter for Volume 10. I know it took us sometime to release this one, but at least it wasn’t after three months of wait… Continue Reading →

Montage 97


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