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Parallel Paradise 88

Well, from all the release that I will do today, this is the only one that will get any respond and may or may not make someone “excited“.

Now “real” talk from me for once, this manga needs a redrawer I’m trying to focus and try to redraw this one too but with so many projects going on and my being almost the only one that works on everything without any help its getting harder to redraw another project by myself. I will start uni in a few weeks so I wont be able to redraw and work as fast as I’m doing now (in my opinion at least is fast). If you want to see this project getting weekly releases again I will suggest you to try and apply to help. That doesn’t mean that we wont work on this project anymore only that the releases will be a lot more slowly. And I really don’t expect anyone to read this one but meh.


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