Hey, internet Bagan here and we have another chapter of “Montage” for y’all and the last chapter for Volume 10. I know it took us sometime to release this one, but at least it wasn’t after three months of wait lol. I want to thank æmiz for redrawing this chapter for us and welcome them in the team. Also for helping with “Montage” too even though the project they joined for was something completely different. We are still looking a dedicate redrawer for “Montage” to pick up the pace.

In another news we have change the site a bit and I lowkey think that this theme looks a lot more kawaii for y’all than anything else. I kinda like it more too even though the old one was more minimal than this one.

I recently watch the latest season of “Brooklyn 99” and O.M.G. I have only one thing to say, I may need a lung transplant sometime soon, I thinking I lost one of those for how much I was laughing from the first episode to the last one. Every scene is something else, the whole cast has a weird chemistry that I can understand completely. The only thinking I know for sure is that Peralta and Charles are freaking awesome in their own way and lowkey I would love them to be my weird friends one day and do dumb things together, Diaz is the badass we all need in our life that can kick some asses when we can’t do.  Amy is in another level of psychopath that I love so much, Terry is the dumb “tank” friend that we all need in our everyday life to make us laugh with his dad jokes and the weird love he has for yogurt. Captain Holt is the strong independent father figure that everyone needs with his jokes and he’s seriousness that end up being a joke at the end it give us a good amount of laughter every time. Well, Gina is the only co-worker anyone would want to have to make them laugh with her clever jokes that always end up with a “lesson” for everyone, Kevin is Kevin and that’s all. Lastly I left the weirdest duo I have ever seen in a sitcom Hitchcock and Scully even though they are “stupid” at times their unique way of doing things and cooking is freaking adorable at least. They give the whole cast another level of comedy and they are perfect they way they’re, dumb weird and with their weird love for food.

I kinda know that no one would read all this and I just ramble to myself all the time, but I still have fun writing all this.

We still need more redrawers and Translators to pick up new stuff, more info at the recruitment at the top of the site.

You can read the chapter Here

Until next time! o/