Hello, internet Bagan here with another release of your favorite manga that can make your PP go PP and so on. This time we have add a little something for all the artist that may read the manga and want to participate with one way or another. (*Fingers crossed* this go well lol).

Now to our (for now at least) rant of a release I would like to talk a bit for a new anime that I watched a few days ago and I end up loving it.

I wont lie I am a big fun of sport anime and this one is really good to begin with I had read the manga a few months before the anime comes out and I fall in love with it. The anime/manga is called “Ahiru no Sora” and its a masterpiece in its own way if I may say, I know that it doesn’t have the flashy effect that “Kuroko no Basket” had but it has a really good well thought background that I loved. OK don’t take me wrong this anime isn’t something special from the get go but I love it so much that I would suggest it to anyone that would like a good sport (basketball) anime. There are more good anime like this but (e.g “Slam dunk”) we’ll talk more about those anime in a later release.

And now to the main cast we dove, first of all we have our main protagonist Kurumatani Sora this dude is a beast of a laughter first scene and he’s trying to pick a fight with some guys and end up getting rekt by all of them. He’s only 1.49cm but his shots for the three points line is crazy and his diving skills (ducky-dive) are amazing thought its not only that he’s stubbornness is so crazy that he want never give up at anything and he always gives you a really good lesson with his stubbornness.

Our second protagonists are Hanazono Chiaki and Hanazono Momoharu they are the top delinquents in there school and they are always cost trouble to everyone around them at first at least. Chiaki is a genius basketball player that give up on playing because he heats losing and that made him drop when his middle school team was losing be far in a match and no one wanted to play anymore. Though he finds his way back with the help of a certain someone that we would talk in a bit. Momoharu on the other hand is a player that can’t make a shot at all he was trying desperately in his middle school basketball team to get better and put a lot of hours in shooting shots all day long but he couldn’t make any and for that he was always benched and that make him to transfer to a delinquent but with the help of Sora he finds his way back to the basketball field.

Our third protagonist is Madoka “Maru” Yabuuchi she is a sweet girl that loves basketball and she is the captain of the female basketball team. And the crash of Sora (we all have one of those lol) and a big help. That’s all for now for her the anime hasn’t come out for long and I don’t want to spoil anything for the manga.

Our fourth protagonist is Kenji “Tobi, Kite” Natsume he, himself is another delinquent that has crazy skills in basketball, though he joined the basketball club with a weird way he end up being a part of the team.

Our last protagonists are Ryuuhei Nabeshima, Masahiro Saki and Yasuhara Shinichi those three are the sidekicks of Momoharu at first they didn’t want to have to do anything with basketball and they hate it but little be little they have start to like basketball and the team even though they’re really bad at basketball they give their everything everyday and practice with the team to start getting better and be an asset of the team.

Well, that was all for the rant for this release and I would leave you with a funny scene from the anime:

You can read the chapter here