Hello internet o/ Bagan here with another release of PP. I don’t have much to say with this release but I want to give me gratitude to two people, one of them is our head redrawer and the other one is our PP redrawer TheKitdriv. The former is the one that I want to thanked for training the latter with absolute madness. This latter is getting in a level that he can’t even understand how hard it is to find people that would stay and survive our test for redrawers and especial if its someone that never had any knowledge of PS (Photoshop) or redrawing at all. He managed to survive the training and work on PP. Just so everyone knows what he is correctly redrawing and in what level he is now I would give you and example of his work:



With this I want to deeply thank you both for the amazing work you are doing in the group and wish we can keep working together for a long time.

Well, that’s was all for today if anyone want to floozy about this and say it was easy etc. They should go play in traffic.

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