Hey interweebz o/ Bagan here with another of those releases that no one gonna read this post and I’ll end up ramble to myself, so here we go once more.

This time I wanted to talk about one of those things in life that you never expect and it just comes from nowhere, I found love a girlfriend, a few months ago and I’ve already more good memories with then my family in my whole life. I spend all of my time with her together and that’s the best thing in life. Even though I am a weeb and that she’s kinda weeb (even thought she’ll denied that but I know the truth deep down she is a weeb), even though I keep rambling to myself all the time she never leaves and just stats there and listen to me. I know its kinda weird to have someone in your life only for a few months and feel them like they’re your own family that you never had but this girl is one of those things that I would’ve never expect myself to find and be able and her being able to understand my weirdness and the way I act in public or the jokes I say all the time and they’ve never bother her, even once. I know its weird to have someone like her in your life that can understand you even if you sucks ball at English and want to help you improve and want to be by your side all the time in good and bad she always is in by my side and never leaves even when the situations are really bad or when I can’t understand much, she always stays there and tells me that everything will be OK, that she’s not leaving, that she loves me and that she would always be there for me in life. I hope, one day to be able to give her everything she need and make her laugh a tone when she is together with me so I can give her back some of the good memories she has already give me. Oh, yeah, her smile is so beautiful I’ll do everything to make her smile all day and she her happy and healthy. You and I forever.

Well, I can keep going for ages and ramble for ages for how much I love her and how much happy she makes me but I thinking its pointless to tell that to anyone else expect her every time we are together and spend time together. So with that you I want to finish this ramble with a have a nice read!

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