Hey interweebzzz o/ Bagan here and we’ve another release for Rainbow (pray for us to not slow down a lot lol).

Time for a small rant for this post I recently finish watching “Dracula 2020” (you can find more info here).

Well this series was good at first and end up being a throw up at the end I don’t know why they did fucked up so hard with this one but it was so fucking stupid that I was almost died by the time those three episodes finish. I don’t know how a series that is good at first ends up being a throw up at the end I mean they had three episodes and every single one lasted for one and a half hour, with the length of every episode they would’ve been able to make something better. At first it started so good, you had all the old style “Dracula” is known for and a lot, a lot and I mean a lot of killing and you were like “Yeah, fucking kill them all, yeah!!”, “Wow I can’t wait to finish this episode to start the next one”. Though when the next episode started I was kinda hesitate for the plot and what was gonna happen but I was like “OK, its still bearable so I’m going to watch this until the end” and it end up being a meh episode. Though for the third and last episode OMG this thing was just a throw up from start to the end, the plot went downhill and nothing was making sense everything was so rushed and weird that the only thing I had in mind was “Bleurgh”.

Well that was it for this release you can read the chapter HERE