Hey interweebzzz o/ Bagan here with another post.

Well, as you probable gonna see in this chapter’s first page we need a typesetter for Parallel Paradise. You can find more info inside the chapter, but you can find the link for our test HERE

No to a really small ramble for this post. Yesterday I had the pleasure to watch “And Then There Were None” (you can find more info HERE) and one thing I have to say is that this mini-series is 10x better then “Dracula” the actors were really good and the plot was well unfold for the viewers.

Ahhh, I hadn’t watch a really good series in quite sometime and this felt refreshing. We for anyone that like a good crime, mystery series I would suggest to pick this one.

I would also like to thank, DarkThomasX for the work and help he has giving us through the year!

That was for our ramble and its time for your PP to go PP.

You can read the chapter HERE