Hey interweebzzz o/ Bagan here, and this time we are coming with another release of “Montage” and this time we are release a whole volume, yes I am not kidding you we can do this from time to time and we were working really hard (not really I should’ve finish this volume a week or two ago but I got lazy ;-; sorry).

Well, its time for our small rant for this post. As usually I’m going to start with asking people to join our team and help us grow and work on our project and new ones. We currently looking for a redrawer for “Kuhime” and another one for “Montage”.

Now to the important part we go… I start watching “Top Chef” last week and “Master Chef” and this shows are so laughable for some reason for me. I am not saying that they are bad or anything they are really good, but they make me laugh for some weird reason. Maybe its the fighting that happen in every other episode and that’s really funny for me. Because I don’t see a reason to fight with someone or get mad/upset with something someone else did and wasn’t your fault. I would never get over with what shit everyone says to each other and most important on camera behind others peoples backs. There was a dude that was bitching about another continent and he was like “He curse me blah blah” and the other dude was “Hmm, I didn’t curse him at all. It was something completely different and that’s wasn’t pointed at him or anything.” the first dude got really mad and when they were going in the back to wait for something they walk off together and the first dude push him in the storage and punch him in the head and the dude start bleeding and the worse part was that this dump dumps did all this in front of the judges and that day they had children as guests that day. Furthermore, the funniest part was that after all this both of them had to go back to finish the scene and they were close to each other and a dude was being in the middle of both of them and was so weird out from being in the middle and the guy that punch the second guy got the worse disease for the challenge and he jumped and say “yeah” at this point I was like WTH and start laughing.

Also, I’m planning to watch “Sailor Moon” and “Tangled” hopefully they would be good. I had watched “Sailor Moon” as a child in TV, but I can’t remember if it was good or not and for “Tangled” one of my favorite TV series (Check TV show go watch it now!) protagonist is VCing the main character and I wanted to watch. Plus the scene I watched was really fun and trigger my curiosity.

That was it for this release hope you enjoy this volume as much as I did.

You can read the chapter HERE