Hello and thank you for your interest in applying to Hyakuro Translations. As a redrawer your responsibilities will include:

  • Remove japanese text that is outside of bubbles
  • Reconstruct (yes, not redraw since most of the times this job has nothing to do with traditional drawing) the art that’s supposed to be under the text. (Just so you know, putting white boxes over text isn’t gonna cut it)
  • Merge double pages
  • Reconstruct patterns
  • Remove streaks that are left from scanning

The following applies to you:

  • You have either Photoshop or Gimp (If you plan on redrawing with MS Paint you can stop reading now)
  • You know your ways around the respective software
  • You’ve got good imagination when it comes to figuring out what’s underneath text
  • You know that something’s out of perspective when you see it
  • You’ve got time and patience. Redrawing is, or at least can be, very time consuming. If you’re lucky there’s one redraw in a chapter, and when your luck runs out there can be 30.
  • You’ve faith in your abilities and horrific redraws make you feel happy rather than hopeless. Since our projects mostly consist of projects that are very difficult to redraw we need someone who doesn’t despair when there’s a page that has more Japanese text than art on it.
  • You’re open to criticism, and you’re able to work in a team

If you’re still reading this and are your interest isn’t gone by now, we will give you a small test to try your hands on, you can DM BaganLee or Hyaka on Discord or Mangadex or e-mail us at HyakuroTranslations@gmail.com and we will give you the test. Have in mind that we may be a bit late to reply to you through e-mail because we don’t check the mails we get really often.

*Credits to Kabuto of Death Toll Scans