(This isn’t something that we need as this mostly applies for groups that work with tankoubon (physical books), but I thought I may as well have it for anyone that might be interested/ for the future)

Hello and thank you for your interest in applying to Hyakuro Translations. As a cleaner your responsibilities will include:

  • Removing Japanese text from bubbles
  • Properly level the blacks and whites so the appear black and white without destroying details
  • Remove any dust that isn’t leveled out
  • Preserve details by not over using filters such as surface blur and Topaz plug-ins
  • Rotate and crop pages if needed

If being a cleaner is something that may interest you, we will give you a small test to try your hands on, you can DM BaganLee or Hyaka on Discord or Mangadex or e-mail us at HyakuroTranslations@gmail.com and we will give you the test. Have in mind that we may be a bit late to reply to you through e-mail because we don’t check the mails we get really often.

*Credits to Kabuto of Death Toll Scans