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Gigant 35-38

Another chapter dump and now we’re all caught up! Once again, huge thanks to Kingdom Italia (Eng) for their collaboration with us on this chapter. Read

Gigant 26-34

Yes, we’re finally updating Gigant! Huge release here with 9 chapters (poggers!). Happy to say that we are now collaborating with Kingdom Italia on Gigant, so this series should be updating regularly now 🙂 Show them some love, this series… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 76-78

76 77 78

Parallel Paradise 75

Scat just got real :O Read

Parallel Paradise 74

Read We are looking for another redrawer to help with Parallel Paradise! If you have some experience with redrawing and would like to contribute to this series, please drop into our Discord server and tag/PM an admin (@Hyaka or @BaganLee)!

Parallel Paradise 73

Yet another plot twist! What on earth will happen next? Read Parallel Paradise 71-72 have also been reuploaded with improvements!

Parallel Paradise 72

Parapara plot is ramping up big time, and I don’t mean that kind of plot ;)) Read

Parallel Paradise 71

Another chapter done! Read

Parallel Paradise 69-70

A double chapter? Yes, you saw that right. A little something to make the wait worth it 🙂 Read

Parallel Paradise 68

It’s finally out~ If you’d like to support our scanlation efforts, please use the ko-fi link at the top of the site, your support is always appreciated^^ Read  

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