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Jagaaaaaan 71


Parallel Paradise 88

Well, from all the release that I will do today, this is the only one that will get any respond and may or may not make someone “excited“. Now “real” talk from me for once, this manga needs a redrawer… Continue Reading →

Rainbow 164

Well, it took us sometime but we are here with another release of “Rainbow”. Thanks for reading and see you next time. Read

Ningen Kyouki Katsuo! 37-48

This is something that I don’t usually do (I don’t even write anything in my releases lol), but I want to give a big thank you to the redrawer that helped me finish volume five and six in less then… Continue Reading →

Gigant 35-38

Another chapter dump and now we’re all caught up! Once again, huge thanks to Kingdom Italia (Eng) for their collaboration with us on this chapter. Read

Parallel Paradise 87


Montage 96


Zoids Wild 5

Well, another new manga (kinda we were working for it for some time now) and a new joint for us with Golden Roze. Go give them a visit on their discord server they do some really good old school manga… Continue Reading →

Montage 95


Ningen Kyouki Katsuo! 36

Sorry for the delay for this one, I had to take edit some other projects. Read

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