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Parallel Paradise 96

Hey interweebzzz o/ Bagan here with another post. Well, as you probable gonna see in this chapter’s first page we need a typesetter for Parallel Paradise. You can find more info inside the chapter, but you can find the link… Continue Reading →

Rainbow 166

Hey interweebzzz o/ Bagan here and we’ve another release for Rainbow (pray for us to not slow down a lot lol). Time for a small rant for this post I recently finish watching “Dracula 2020” (you can find more info… Continue Reading →

Kuhime 09

Hello interweebzz (yes that’s kinda stuck with me rn so bear with it for a bit longer). Firstly I want to give a huge thank you to aemiz for helping once more with redrawing this chapter. Now its time to… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 95

Hello interweebzz Bagan here with one of those chapters of PP that is NSFW, but I’m pretty sure that everyone’s PP will go PP with this one. Hope everyone enjoy this release, have a nice reading! Read Here

The Boy From Mie Prefecture (Oneshot)

Another release for the day and this time is a oneshot called “The Boy From Mie Prefecture” and its a bundle of oneshot that called “Adidas Manga Fever” and its a book with manga & illustrations from Japanese and international… Continue Reading →

Rainbow 165

Hey interweebz o/ Bagan here with another of those releases that no one gonna read this post and I’ll end up ramble to myself, so here we go once more. This time I wanted to talk about one of those… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 94

Yo, Bagan here with another release of PP that would (probable not in this chapter) make your PP go PP. I don’t have much to say this time around so that’s all for this release of PP. Also, I want… Continue Reading →

Kuhime 08

Well, this time we are releasing a new project that we are going to work with our new translator Rob he is still a newbie but he has shown a really god mentality and he is passionate to involve in… Continue Reading →

Montage 99-100

Well, we almost did a chapter before we hit a month from our previous chapter and the start of a new volume too lol I don’t have much to say this time but I want to wish everyone a happy… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 93

Hello internet o/ Bagan here with another release of PP. I don’t have much to say with this release but I want to give me gratitude to two people, one of them is our head redrawer and the other one… Continue Reading →

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