Kodokuna Shima

Author: Takita Yuu
Artist: Takita Yuu
Synopsis: This is actually two short stories in one. In “Island Solitude”, a shipwrecked castaway daydreams about escaping the island he shares with his wife and 4 babies. In “日々是好日” (Everyday Zikouhi) an Edo-era city official notices a pretty woman drop her hair comb on the street, but a basket priest picks it up first and follows the woman to her house. The official follows the priest. He watches as the priest stares through the door into the house, then stomps over to a river to throw the comb in the water. The official also looks into the house and sees the woman with another guy. The official then throws a whole bunch of rocks into the river after the comb.
by Hyakuro Translations, -0001.11.30