My Nights Shine Brighter than Your Days

Author: Han DongWoo, Yu InWan
Artist: Byeongsoo
Synopsis: The life of a woman who has become a hostess to support her younger sister is sacrificed by the corrupted and unethical power. When Siwoo has realized her sister's identity, begins to suspect about the strange circumstances of her death. Webtoon version (Sign up) This work (私の夜はあなたの昼より美しい, Watashi no Yoru wa Anata no Hiru yori Utsukushii) was first acclaimed by Japanese readers in 2011 when its short story version was published by Shueisha in the Japanese cartoon magazine Grand Jump. After the series became a big hit in Japan, it also introduced to Korean people the next year (2012) as a more substantial genre-based series. A political thriller series based on the true story of hostess Jeong In-sook (1945-1970), who had an affair with the then Prime Minister Chung Il-kwon and was shot to death on a Mapo-gu street in Seoul by a still unknown murderer. Released by online portal Daum in July 2012. This series belongs to a universe called the Super String. Cavewoman (B.C 8000) - Blade of the Phantom Master - Burning Hell - Housekeeper (Chae Yong-Taek) - Haunted Electronics Shop - Westwood Vibrato - Terror Man - Cavewoman - My Nights Shine Brighter than Your Days - Island - Reawaken Man - Prince of Prince - Kangtawoo - Distant Sky
Volume 01