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Clown (Oneshot)

Hello interweebzzzz o/ Bagan here and I’m going to send your way another oneshot. For this release we worked together with our good friends, over at Golden Rose Scans (The link redirect on their Discord server this time around, they… Continue Reading →

Musubaru Yakeato 02

Hello interweebzzz o/Bagan here with another release and we haven’t release for sometime now. Also, I wanted to thank everyone that worked in this release, Chev, Hyaka; and aemiz for their first release on the project they came to here… Continue Reading →

Shin’ai naru Boku e Satsui wo komete 07

The long awaited manga… Is finally here!!!! Hello interweebzzzz o/, Bagan here with another chapter. Well, it took us abit longer to work on this one but we managed to finish the first volume and we are not given up… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 99

Hello interweebzzzzz, I have come with another chapter of your favorite series that would most likely make your PP go PP (I thinking I have overused this joke…). With this overused joke I would like to announce the winner for… Continue Reading →

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