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Parallel Paradise

Parallel Paradise 96

Hey interweebzzz o/ Bagan here with another post. Well, as you probable gonna see in this chapter’s first page we need a typesetter for Parallel Paradise. You can find more info inside the chapter, but you can find the link… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 95

Hello interweebzz Bagan here with one of those chapters of PP that is NSFW, but I’m pretty sure that everyone’s PP will go PP with this one. Hope everyone enjoy this release, have a nice reading! Read Here

Parallel Paradise 94

Yo, Bagan here with another release of PP that would (probable not in this chapter) make your PP go PP. I don’t have much to say this time around so that’s all for this release of PP. Also, I want… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 93

Hello internet o/ Bagan here with another release of PP. I don’t have much to say with this release but I want to give me gratitude to two people, one of them is our head redrawer and the other one… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 92

Hello, internet Bagan here with another release of your favorite manga that can make your PP go PP and so on. This time we have add a little something for all the artist that may read the manga and want… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 91

Well, that was faster then I thought. Your PP will go PP again sooner then I would’ve ever expect. Read Here

Parallel Paradise 90

Your regular dosage of Parallel is back, thanks to the suffering and resilience of TheKitdriv. He’s the only true PP fan, the rest of you are fake. Now its time for your PP to go PP with the next chapter…. Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 89

The situation is critical. Either someone, anyone, applies to redraw this shit or releases will slow down severely. We will train potential applicants, just for the love of God, if you want to see this manga continued then please apply…. Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 88

Well, from all the release that I will do today, this is the only one that will get any respond and may or may not make someone “excited“. Now “real” talk from me for once, this manga needs a redrawer… Continue Reading →

Parallel Paradise 87


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